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Grade 4 Spelling
Choose the spelling word that is correctly spelled.
  1. picthure
  2. pictere
  3. pictur
  4. picture
Grade 4 Because of Winn-Dixie
What did Sweetie Pie Thomas begin hanging on every surface at the party?
  1. pictures of herself
  2. pictures of animals
  3. pictures of flowers
  4. pictures of dogs
Kindergarten Children's Literature
A picture was in the room. What was in the picture?
  1. a mouse climbing a clock
  2. a cow jumping over the moon
  3. a princess riding a white horse
  4. a big bad wolf blowing down a house
Grade 7 Text Elements
Grade 1 Colonial Period
What is special about the Liberty Bell?
  1. pictures
  2. a crack
  3. different colors
Grade 2 Main Idea
Betty had a picture of her class. Everyone was in the picture. The teacher looked happy. All the students looked happy. It was a nice picture to have.

What is the main idea?
  1. Betty has a nice class picture.
  2. Betty like to take pictures.
  3. Betty is not in the picture.
  4. Everyone was sad in the picture.
Grade 5 Defining Words
stretched to the limit, either physically or mentally
  1. picturing
  2. checking
  3. stride
  4. strained
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