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Grade 4 Botany
Grade 1 STEM Words
Grade 3 Greece
Because Greece has a lot of mountains and hills, how did they grow their food?
  1. They planted on flat fields
  2. They planted underwater
  3. They planted on hillsides
Grade 4 Food Chains and Webs
What do carnivores eat?
  1. plants
  2. meat
  3. plants and meat
Grade 8 Botany
Which plant makes plant-lets on its stalk to increase its number?
  1. Butterwort
  2. Spider plant
  3. Willow plant
  4. Hydrilla plant
Grade 8 DNA, RNA, and Genetics
Which plant was the key plant used in Gregor Mendel's experiments?
  1. Bean plants
  2. Potato plants
  3. Pea plant
  4. Sunflowers
Grade 9 Biochemical Pathways
Joseph Priestley found that a lone flame under a jar would extinguish, but a flame under a jar with a plant would not. Why is this?
  1. The plant uses water.
  2. The plant is flammable.
  3. The plant releases oxygen.
  4. The plant produces carbon dioxide.
Grade 5 Botany
A                     produces flowers with seeds.
  1. coniferous plant
  2. flowering plant
  3. spore
  4. non flowering plant
Grade 3 Botany
What are the main functions of roots?
  1. To make seeds and attract insects
  2. To absorb sunlight and make food
  3. To absorb water and hold the plant in the ground
  4. All of the above
Grade 4 Botany
What are vascular plants?
  1. plants with one cell
  2. plants with a tubelike structures that connect all the organs of a plant.
  3. multicell plants
Grade 6 Conservation and Biodiversity
What is a blackberry bush called that does not allow native plants to grow?
  1. a good thing
  2. an invasive plant
  3. a native plant too
  4. a freelance plant
Grade 7 Succession
What things change in ecological succession?
  1. Plants and rocks
  2. Animals and Soil
  3. Plants Only
  4. Animals and Plants
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