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Grade 10 Molecules and Compounds
College Molecules and Compounds
Water's polarity
  1. is due to its hydrogen atoms having a greater love for the shared electrons than the oxygen atom does
  2. is the result of the oxygen atom being more electronegative than the hydrogen atoms are
  3. is due to the formation of ionic bonds between the oxygen and hydrogen atoms
  4. makes it possible for lipids to easily dissolve in it
Grade 9 Solvents, Solutes, and Solubility
College Bonds and Mixing
Hydrogen bonds are:
  1. Non-polar
  2. Neutral
  3. Unattractive
  4. Polar
Grade 10 Molecules and Compounds
Which statement explains why ethene does not dissolve in water?
  1. Ethene is polar and water is nonpolar.
  2. Ethene is nonpolar and water is nonpolar.
  3. Ethene is polar and water is polar.
  4. Ethene is nonpolar and water is polar.
Grade 7 Waves and Sound
A polarizing filter is designed to
  1. let light in.
  2. increase vibrations.
  3. block light out.
  4. help you get a sun tan.
Grade 9 Canadian Geography
Grade 10 Cell Structure and Function
What is a polar body?
  1. another name for an egg cell
  2. a precursor cell that becomes an egg cell
  3. a nonfunctional cell made at the same time as an egg cell
  4. a cell produced when fertilization occurs
Grade 10 Macromolecules
Grade 10 Molecules and Compounds
Which molecule is polar?
  1. [math]"CCl"_4[/math]
  2. [math]"CO"_2[/math]
  3. [math]"SO"_3[/math]
  4. none of the these
Grade 11 Human Reproduction
What is a polar body?
  1. It is a nonfunctional egg cell
  2. It is a functional egg cell
  3. It is a fertilized egg cell
  4. It is an unfertilized egg cell
Grade 12 Solvents, Solutes, and Solubility
Grade 9 Molecules and Compounds
Grade 6 Atmosphere

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Which is the opposite of a polar climate?
  1. desert climate
  2. highland climate
  3. temperate climate
  4. tropical climate
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