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Grade 3 Atmosphere
What is precipitation?
  1. A collection of tiny water drops seen in the air.
  2. Water that falls to the ground from the atmosphere.
  3. Layers of gases and dust that surrounds the Earth.
  4. The measurement of how hot or how cold something is.
Grade 6 Atmosphere
Forms of precipitation are
  1. snow
  2. sleet
  3. rain
  4. all of the above
Grade 2 Lab Practices and Tools
What measures the amount of precipitation?
  1. thermometer
  2. wind sock
  3. ruler
  4. rain gauge
Grade 4 Atmosphere
How are humidity and precipitation related?
  1. Humid or moist places get more rain or precipitation.
  2. More humidity less precipitation.
Grade 4 Atmosphere
Grade 3 Atmosphere
Grade 4 Atmosphere
Which is an example of precipitation?
  1. evaporation
  2. condensation
  3. snowfall
  4. clouds
Grade 6 Atmosphere
Grade 4 Atmosphere
Precipitation can come in the form of
  1. rain
  2. hail
  3. sleet
  4. all of the above
Grade 3 Atmosphere
Grade 5 Atmosphere
What is in the middle of evaporation and precipitation?
  1. condensation
  2. evaporation
  3. run off
  4. precipitation
Grade 7 Atmosphere
Grade 5 Atmosphere
Which of these is a form of precipitation?
  1. hail
  2. wind
  3. temperature
  4. mud
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