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Grade 1 Ancient History
What technology does not belong in the present time?
  1. email
  2. car
  3. airplane
  4. fast food
  5. television
  6. spear
Grade 7 Verbs
Grade 9 Verbs
Listen! Is that Julie I can hear? She
  1. is crying.
  2. cries.
  3. crys.
  4. are crying.
Grade 9 Subject-Verb Agreement
My mother (love) to (see) ancient temples.
  1. loves, see
  2. loves, sees
  3. love, see
  4. love, sees
Grade 7 Verbs
Grade 9 Subject-Verb Agreement
Why (do) the article (mention) famous singers?
  1. do, mention
  2. does, mention
  3. does, mentions
  4. do, mentions
Grade 9 Subject-Verb Agreement
Grade 7 Verbs
Grade 7 Verbs
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