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College Circulatory and Immune Systems
Grade 5 Atmosphere
air pressure
  1. movement of air from the land to the water
  2. force put on a given area by the weight of the air above it
  3. solar energy that reaches a planet
  4. movement of air from the water to the land
Grade 5 Fluid Mechanics
Water pressure
  1. presses downward on an object
  2. presses upward on an object
  3. presses both upward and downward on an object
  4. does not press upward or downward on an object
College Health and Medicine
Grade 10 Fluid Mechanics
Grade 9 Properties of Matter
Boyle's Law states that an inverse relationship exists between:
  1. Pressure and temperature
  2. Volume and pressure
  3. Volume and temperature
  4. Pressure and density
  5. Temperature and density
Grade 12 Properties of Matter
Under what conditions does the Van der Waals equation get reduced to PV = RT?
  1. At low pressure
  2. At high pressure
  3. At extremely low pressure and high temperature
Grade 9 Atmosphere
Grade 7 STEM Words
Choose the correctly spelled word:
  1. ayr pressure
  2. air pressure
  3. air presure
Grade 6 Atmosphere
A barometer is used to measure:
  1. tire pressure
  2. air pressure
  3. temperature
  4. acidity of rain
Grade 12 Medical Terms
College Respiration, Digestion, and Excretion
By what is O2 transparent effected?
  1. PH
  2. Environment
  3. Temperature
  4. Partial Pressure
  5. Pressure
College Circulatory and Immune Systems
Pressure during ventricular contraction is called                   .
  1. Diastolic pressure
  2. Vasodialation
  3. Systolic pressure
  4. Vasoconstriction
Grade 9 Cell Structure and Function
Osmosis produces a force known as                     .
  1. Osmotic pressure
  2. Facilitated pressure
  3. Isotonic
  4. Homeostasis
Continuing Education Plumbing
DWV systems rely on what to move water and sewage?
  1. Pumps
  2. Gravity
  3. Low pressure
  4. High pressure
College Health and Medicine
                is measured in mmho
  1. Frequency
  2. Pressure
  3. Admittance
  4. Intensity
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