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Grade 12 Thermodynamics
In which of the following systems does the temperature of the process remain constant throughout the system?
  1. Isotherm process
  2. Adiabatic process
  3. Reversible process
  4. Irreversible process
College Environmental Science
The thermochemical decomposition of organic material at elevated temperatures without the participation of oxygen.
  1. aerobic process
  2. anaerobic process
  3. bio-syntrolysis process
  4. pyrolysis process
Grade 9 Rhetoric and Propaganda
Connecting new information to what is already know is called                        .
  1. process of accumulation
  2. process of eating
  3. process of hearing
  4. process of association
College Cell Structure and Function
The separation of homologous chromosomes into gametes is a                                     .
  1. random process
  2. non-random process
  3. ordered process
  4. process that is influenced by gender
College Cell Structure and Function
The separation of different chromosomes into gametes is a                                     .
  1. process that is influenced by gender
  2. non-random process
  3. ordered process
  4. random process
Grade 12 Brave New World
What is the name of the process that allows the Hatchery to produce many clones from a single egg?
  1. The Podansky Process
  2. The Trotsky Process
  3. The Bokanovsky Process
Grade 8 Fill in the Blank Vocabulary
College Management Information Systems
Input, process, output, and storage are the four basic computer functions known as the:
  1. Information Processing Cycle
  2. Central Processing System
  3. Logical Data Processing
  4. Memory Processing
Grade 9 Cell Structure and Function
The process in which cells become specialized to do different jobs is
  1. the totipotent process.
  2. differentiation.
  3. the multipotent process.
  4. the embryonic process.
Grade 10 Biogeochemical Cycles
Human activities, such as the burning of fossil fuels, move carbon through the carbon cycle. Which other processes also participate in the carbon cycle?
  1. a combination of biological, geological, and chemical processes
  2. biological processes only
  3. geochemical processes only
  4. chemical processes only
Grade 5 Biochemical Pathways
What process do plants use to make their own food?
  1. photosynthesis
  2. producer process
  3. chloroplast process
Grade 3 Lab Practices and Tools
Grade 9 Technology
Which one of the following choices best describes a dynamic process?
  1. A process that has many variables
  2. A process that can never be stopped
  3. A process that is constantly changing
  4. A process that involves a lot of research
Grade 8 Drugs and Alcohol
What is fermenting?
  1. The process of farmers farming
  2. The process of firming the meat
  3. The process of turning plants into alcohol
  4. The process of turning plants into a snorted drug
Grade 12 US Government
The practice of due process falls under one of two legal practices which are two of the following terms:
  1. Substantive due process
  2. Cooperative due process
  3. Procedural due process
  4. both a and c
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