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College Cell Structure and Function
Oogenesis is                       .
  1. Production of sperm
  2. Production of an egg
  3. Production of estrogen
  4. Production of FSH
Grade 5 STEM Words
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. produckt
  2. product
  3. producte
  4. prudoct
College Human Reproduction
Seminiferous tubules are                                           .
  1. Involved in the production of sperm
  2. Involved in the production of testosterone
  3. involved in the production of follicles
  4. Involved in the production of estrogen
Grade 10 Reactions
When hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water, water is
  1. a product.
  2. a reactant.
  3. both a product and reactant.
  4. neither a product nor a reactant.
Grade 11 Life Skills
What information is NOT included on the unit price tag?
  1. The cost of the product
  2. The name of the product
  3. The price per unit
  4. The freshness of the product
Grade 8 History of Theater
Grade 7 Fractions and Ratios CCSS: 7.NS.A.2, 7.NS.A.2c
Grade 3 Multiplication
The product is
  1. the answer to an addition problem.
  2. the answer to a subtraction problem.
  3. the answer to a multiplication problem.
Grade 7 Daily Living Skills
At the grocery store, which products usually cost less money?
  1. Name brand products
  2. Store brand products
Grade 11 Reactions
Balancing a chemical equation requires manipulation of the
  1. coefficients.
  2. subscripts.
  3. formulas of the products.
  4. number of the product.
Grade 8 Reactions
A product is
  1. a substance used in a chemical reaction.
  2. the process by which particles leave a gas and become a liquid.
  3. the process by which a solid changes directly into a gas.
  4. a substance made by a chemical reaction.
Grade 5 Mixed Numbers CCSS: 5.NF.B.5, 5.NF.B.5a
Which statement is true for the product of the expression shown?
[math]4 xx 3 1/2[/math]
  1. The product will equal 4.
  2. The product will be less than 4.
  3. The product will be more than 4.
College Biochemical Pathways
During photosynthesis, to where does the reactant carbon dioxide supply oxygen atoms?
  1. the products glucose and water
  2. the product glucose only
  3. the product water only
  4. the oxygen molecules only
  5. the products glucose, water, and oxygen
Grade 3 Multiplication
Choose the correct order of the parts of a multiplication problem.
  1. Product x Multiplier = Multiplicand
  2. Multiplier x Multiplicand = Product
  3. Multiplicand x Product = Multiplier
  4. Multiplicand x Multiplier = Product
Grade 4 Holes
What did Stanley's father invent?
  1. A product for washing clothes.
  2. A product that will get rid of food poisoning.
  3. A product that eliminates foot odor.
  4. A product that smells like onions.
Grade 12 Economics
Making a product different from similar products
  1. Differentiation
  2. Market (monopoly) power
  3. Different
  4. Oligopoly
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