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Grade 8 Fill in the Blank Vocabulary
Grade 2 Social Studies
Pledge means
  1. promise to be true
  2. promise to lie
  3. promise to hate
Grade 7 Teachings of the Bible
Grade 2 Social Studies
Allegiance means
  1. loyalty
  2. hate
  3. promise
Grade 2 Social Studies
Grade 8 Defining Words
The definition of the word agreement is:
  1. a promise
  2. a discovery
  3. a question
Grade 5 Defining Words
Made a solemn promise
  1. vowed
  2. cruelly
  3. savagely
  4. agile
Grade 5 Spelling
Choose the word that is spelled correctly.
  1. promisse
  2. promis
  3. prommise
  4. promise
Grade 2 Spelling
Choose correctly spelled word.
  1. promise
  2. promis
  3. promize
  4. pomise
Grade 4 Synonyms
  1. promised
  2. lied
  3. stated
  4. steered
Grade 5 Spelling
I will keep my                .
  1. promise
  2. promiss
  3. promice
  4. promisse
Grade 11 The Scarlet Letter
Hester promises Chillingworth that she will:
  1. tell him the name of her lover
  2. raise Pearl as a Puritan
  3. never leave town
  4. keep his identity a secret
Grade 6 Connotations and Denotations
Which of the following can be vacated?
  1. a classroom
  2. promise
  3. button
  4. gum
Continuing Education Health and Medicine
Continuing Education Health and Medicine
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