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Grade 10 Driving and Road Safety
Grade 11 The Frontier

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Grade 6 Civil War
The underground railroad was
  1. a subway that slaves rode to enter a free state
  2. a tunnel underground that slaves utilized in order to gain their freedom
  3. a railroad underground that slaves road to freedom
  4. a network of safe areas where slaves can stay while escaping to freedom
Grade 8 Civil War
The Underground Railroad
  1. was a tunnel of buried train cars that ran along state borders.
  2. was an informal organization of safe houses that helped escaping slaves reach Canada.
  3. was a secret organization that supported slavery in the northern states.
  4. was an organization committed to the arrest and conviction of abolitionists.
Grade 8 The Frontier
The Railroad Administration:
  1. forbid American citizens from traveling by train during WW1.
  2. required all Americans to travel by train during WW1.
  3. stopped all usage of trains and required only car and airplane travel
  4. increased efficiency of railroad lines.
Grade 5 Civil War
The Underground Railroad was
  1. an underground train
  2. a secret caves the slaves traveled
  3. a group of people that helped slaves escape
  4. A railroad haunted by the ghost of slaves
Grade 6 Civil Rights
Carter Woodson's family was large, and he was needed to work
  1. on the farm
  2. on the railroad
  3. in a store
  4. as a housewife
Grade 3 Culture
Grade 1 Rhymes
What word rhymes with "flight"?
  1. railroad
  2. might
  3. dread
  4. fighter
Grade 4 Texas
Grade 10 Industrialization
Which two railroads formed the Transcontinental Railroad?
  1. Union Pacific and Southern Railway
  2. Union Pacific and Central Pacific
  3. Central Pacific and Great Northern
  4. Great Northern and Southern Railway
Grade 2 Nouns
Grade 5 Progressive Era
                        made steel rails for railroads.
  1. John D. Rockefellar
  2. Orville Wright
  3. Andrew Carnegie
  4. George Washington Carver
Grade 5 Civil War
Who was the father of the Underground Railroad?
  1. William Still
  2. Frederick Douglas
  3. Donald Trump
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