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Grade 8 Nouns
What is the plural form of the word?
  1. record's
  2. recordes
  3. records
Grade 7 Culture
A record of the past.
  1. culture
  2. history
  3. artifact
Grade 3 Defining Words
using what you know to make a good guess
  1. record
  2. style
  3. estimate
  4. texture
Grade 5 Defining Words
An animal that hunts live animals for food
  1. present
  2. record
  3. habitat
  4. predator
Grade 2 Art and Music Words
Grade 9 Twentieth Century and Modern - 1900-2000
The graphophone was originally known as the:
  1. Victrola
  2. telephone
  3. phonograph
  4. recorder
Grade 9 Musical Instruments
The earliest and most common instrument of the reed family is?
  1. The Shawm
  2. The Bagpipe
  3. The Crumhorn
  4. Recorder
Grade 4 Spelling
Choose the correctly spelled spelling word.
  1. recorrd
  2. recurd
  3. reccord
  4. record
Grade 5 Defining Words
Grade 7 Geography
A record of the past.
  1. culture
  2. history
  3. artifact
  4. dominant culture
Grade 7 Defining Words

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recorded and filed
  1. successor
  2. palapable
  3. tabulated
  4. dazed
Grade 7 Defining Words
Grade 8 Tectonics
How does the Richter scale measure the energy an earthquake releases?
  1. It records the timing of the waves
  2. It records the distance between the waves
  3. It records the height of the waves
  4. It records the type of waves.
Grade 11 Job Search and Career
Grade 9 Twentieth Century and Modern - 1900-2000
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