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Grade 9 Respiration, Digestion, and Excretion
Grade 10 Musical Notation
This is a:
Note Relationship - Tuplet
  1. duple meter
  2. tuplet
  3. crotchet
  4. regular rhythm
Grade 10 Musical Notation
Grade 10 Symbiosis
What is the relationship called that exists between a caribou and a wolf?
  1. symbiotic
  2. predator-prey
  3. mutualistic
  4. commensalism
Grade 9 Context Clues
"My love for her was extinguished." The use of extinguished tells us:
  1. the relationship is getting hot
  2. the relationship is just starting
  3. the relationship is done
  4. the relationship is fake
Grade 6 Christianity
The 2 grounds that the 10 Commandments are divided into are
  1. relationships with friends and family.
  2. relationships with church and community.
  3. relationships with God and others.
None Emotional, Social, and Mental Health
The way you conduct yourself as a member of the community is:
  1. friendship
  2. relationship
  3. citizenship
  4. companionship
None Emotional, Social, and Mental Health
Working together for the good of all is:
  1. Relationship
  2. Frienship
  3. Cooperation
  4. Role
None Emotional, Social, and Mental Health
A bond or connection you have with other people is called a(n):
  1. friendship
  2. relationship
  3. aquaintance
  4. kinship
College Anatomy and Physiology
The term physiology means?
  1. a cutting up
  2. relationship to nature
Grade 5 People and Places
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. relasionship
  2. relationship
  3. relatunship
Grade 7 Life Skills
A healthy relationship is
  1. when two people develop a connection based on respect, trust, honest and are supportive of one another
  2. when you do not cheat one each other
  3. when you can call or text that person anytime
  4. when you think about the other person all of the time
Grade 12 Statistics and Probability Concepts
A causal relationship is
  1. when both variables increase positively.
  2. when one variable causes a change in another variable.
  3. when two variables have an association between them.
  4. a shift between the two variables that changes the linear direction.
Grade 10 Historical Geology

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Which principle of relative dating is NOT represented on the diagram?
  1. superposition
  2. faunal succession
  3. intrusive relationships
  4. cross-cutting relationships
Grade 9 Emotional, Social, and Mental Health
When you are clear about your values:
  1. you weaken your relationships
  2. you are indifferent about your relationships
  3. you strengthen your relationships
  4. you tolerate your relationships
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