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Grade 9 Fitness
Repetitions are
  1. the length of time an exercise is performed
  2. a fixed number of reps followed by a rest period
  3. a rest period
  4. the number of times an exercise is performed
Grade 10 Fitness
A series of repetitions?
  1. Repetition
  2. Set
  3. Positive Phase of a lift
  4. Negative Phase of a lift
Grade 8 Defining Words
preclude a repetition of the mistake
  1. encourage
  2. arrange for
  3. prevent
  4. insist on
Grade 7 Fitness
Repetition most nearly means
  1. the position of limbs or the carriage of the body
  2. a group of consecutive repetitions
  3. the act of repeating, repeated action
Grade 5 Defining Words
something that is made or formed
  1. repetition
  2. structure
  3. formation
Grade 8 Fill in the Blank Vocabulary
Grade 6 Figurative Language
Which of the following is an example of repetition?
  1. My love is like a red, red, rose.
  2. He died a million deaths.
  3. The wind hissed and wailed.
  4. His breath was an ill wind.
Grade 5 Defining Words
saying or doing something over and over
  1. formation
  2. structure
  3. repetition
Grade 9 Business Technology
Which of the following require repetitive motion?
  1. Using a mouse to draw pictures.
  2. Entering data into a spreadsheet.
  3. Writing a letter on a word processor.
  4. All of the above
Grade 9 Rhetoric and Propaganda
Grade 7 Spelling
Indicate the correct spelling.
  1. repatition
  2. repetition
  3. repetision
  4. repatision
Grade 6 Figurative Language
What is a set of mental images of pictures within poetry?
  1. hyperbole
  2. repetition
  3. imagery
  4. simile
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