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Grade 1 Spelling
Grade 5 Early National Era
The National Road was also known as                          .
  1. the Gap Road
  2. the Cumberland Road
  3. the Great Western Road
  4. the Potomac and Ohio Road
Grade 9 China
Grade 3 Places around Town

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The directions say to make an immediate right onto Chapel St.

Why do the directions say make an IMMEDIATE right?
  1. the road is very hard to see
  2. the road is a one-way street
  3. the road is a few blocks away
  4. the road is right by the school
Grade 6 Themes of Geography
Silk Road
  1. A 4.000 mile long ancient trade route linking Chine to the Mediterranean.
  2. A Chinese philosophy that emphasizes strict obedience to laws.
  3. A group of people traveling together.
Grade 8 The Frontier
The Cumberland Road
  1. was the first attempt to link the eastern regions of the US to the western regions.
  2. was a private turnpike that charged travelers a heavy toll.
  3. was rarely used after it was built because it had no bridges over river crossings.
  4. was unpaved and avoided the Appalachian Mountains.
Grade 5 The Road Less Traveled

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Which road does the speaker take?
  1. the first road
  2. the road less traveled by
  3. the road that bends in the undergrowth
  4. the road that he or she looks down as fas as possible
Grade 7 Phrases and Clauses CCSS: CCRA.L.1, L.7.1, L.7.1a
The road following the edge of the frozen lake needs paving.

In the sentence above, which group of words makes up a noun phrase?
  1. The road
  2. The edge of the frozen lake
  3. The road needs paving
  4. The road following the edge of the frozen lake
Grade 6 Dynastic China
What was the Silk Road?
  1. A way to transfer cars from General Motors
  2. A Chinese Trade route
  3. A road mad out of silk
  4. A type of ancient clothing.
Grade 5 Early National Era
What was the main factor contributing to the decline in the importance of the National Road in the 1850s?
  1. railroads provided faster transportation
  2. crumbling pavement made it impossible to use
  3. a national depression made it so that people could not afford the journey
  4. tensions with American Indians in the west made travelers afraid to use the road
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