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Grade 6 Great Depression
Mark 3 reasons why Eleanor Roosevelt was important.
  1. She was a movie star.
  2. She traveled and gave speeches when her husband couldn't.
  3. She helped set new fashion ideals.
  4. She worked to help unemployed people, women, African- Americans, and young people.
  5. She was a lawyer and helped change some bad laws.
  6. She reported what she had seen & learned while travelling the country to her husband and gave him ideas on what could be done better.
Grade 5 The Presidents
Grade 6 Great Depression
Grade 5 Great Depression
A major result of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal was
  1. a decline in the Federal deficit
  2. an increase of the power of the Federal Government
  3. a change in the voting rights of women
  4. returning of the gold standard for the United States currency
Grade 3 The Presidents
What was the name of the campaign train that Roosevelt rode across the country in?
  1. The Roosevelt Campaign Train
  2. The Roosevelt Special
  3. The Roosevelt Ride
  4. The Roosevelt Fast Car
Grade 8 World War II
Who was the sitting president of the United States during World War II?
  1. Theodore Roosevelt
  2. Herbert Hoover
  3. Franklin D. Roosevelt
Grade 11 Great Depression
Grade 6 The Diary of a Young Girl
The introduction of Anne Frank was written by whom?
  1. Theodore Roosevelt
  2. Franklin Roosevelt
  3. Eleanor Roosevelt
  4. Anne Frank
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