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None Sports
A safety is:
  1. A type of offensive play
  2. When an offensive player gets tackled in the endzone that is opposite of the one they are trying to score in.
  3. When the defense places more players on the line of scrimmage to defend against a running play.
  4. None of the above
Grade 10 Daily Living Skills
Grade 9 Technology
Occupational safety is best described as which one of the following:
  1. Safety in the classroom
  2. Safety outside
  3. Safety in the home
  4. Safety on the job
Grade 7 Spelling
Indicate the correct answer.
  1. safete
  2. safety
  3. safty
  4. safetey
Grade 2 Social Studies
Grade 10 Sports
Continuing Education Occupational Safety (OSHA)
Grade 5 Spelling
Which is the correct spelling?
  1. safty
  2. safey
  3. safety
  4. saftey
Grade 8 Industrialization
Apartment with little sanitation or safety:
  1. vandeville
  2. tenement
  3. Tammany Hall
  4. hull house
Grade 9 Lab Practices and Tools
What is the purpose of this safety sign?
Hazard Sign - Eye Face
  1. To make sure students wear a protective apron.
  2. To make sure students put on gloves.
  3. To make sure goggles are worn before starting.
  4. To make sure all directions are read before beginning.
Continuing Education Navy
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