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Kindergarten Counting and Comparing Numbers
Grade 6 People and Places
What is a person who draws pictures called?
  1. an artist
  2. a drawer
  3. an animator
  4. a scientist
Grade 4 STEM Words
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. scientest
  2. scientist
  3. scyentist
Grade 1 American Revolution
Grade 3 Context Clues
What does the word laboratory mean in the following sentence? Thomas Edison spent many hours in his laboratory trying to make a lightbulb.
  1. a place where a scientist eats
  2. a house where a scientist lives
  3. a room where a scientist sleeps
  4. a place where a scientist works
Grade 7 Context Clues
Deals in experiments; makes discoveries.
  1. a nurse
  2. a mechanic
  3. a scientist
Grade 7 Zoology
What is an entomologist?
  1. scientist who studies entities
  2. scientist who studies morphology
  3. scientist who studies insects
  4. scientist who forgot to study
Grade 9 Enlightenment
Any of the popular French intellectuals of the 18th century.
  1. Regime
  2. Philosophers
  3. Scientists
  4. Revolutionaries
Grade 6 Atmosphere
A person who studies about weather and climate is called a:
  1. Climatologist
  2. Scientist
  3. Weatherologist
  4. Meteorologist
Grade 3 Plurals
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. scienticts
  2. scientists
  3. sientist
  4. seintist
Grade 2 Historical Geology
Grade 3 Scientific Methods and Applications
Grade 7 A Wrinkle in Time
What is Mrs. Murry's job?
  1. a doctor
  2. a lawyer
  3. a scientist
  4. a teacher
Grade 3 Food (Stories) CCSS: CCRA.R.3, RI.3.3

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Who would most likely use this passage?
  1. A scientist
  2. A baker
  3. A child
  4. A teacher
Continuing Education Business Technology
None English as a Second Language ESL
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