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Grade 3 Frequently Misspelled Words CCSS: CCRA.L.2, L.3.2e
Grade 6 Badminton
What type of scoring is used in Speedminton?
  1. Serve scoring
  2. Rally scoring
  3. Team scoring
  4. Single scoring
Grade 9 Soccer
Grade 9 Archery
When the arrow is exactly on the line separting 2 different scores, What score does the archer get?
  1. The higher score
  2. The lower score
  3. The average of the two scores
  4. The archer must re-shoot
College Speech and Voice Disorders
What are some other names for Speech/word recognition testing?
  1. Speech Recognition Score
  2. Word Recognition Score
  3. Speech Discrimination Score
  4. These are all alternative names
Grade 11 Synonyms
The synonym of goal is:
  1. object
  2. objective
  3. score
Grade 8 Volleyball
Players on the volleyball court rotate when:
  1. Their team scores a point on their serve
  2. Their team scores a point on the opponent's serve
  3. Every time a point is scored
  4. Whenever they lose possession of the serve
Grade 2 Defining Words CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.2.4
to secure a win over the other team
  1. award
  2. compete
  3. defeat
  4. score
Continuing Education Defining Words
The score was TIED.
  1. The teams tied a knot.
  2. One team won.
  3. They weren't which team won.
  4. The two teams had the same number of points.
College Emergency Medical Services
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