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Grade 9 Frequently Confused Words
Grade 3 Executive Branch
Who are the special group of people that protect the President?
  1. Secret Group
  2. Secret Men
  3. Secret Service
  4. Secret Guys
Grade 8 Defining Words
Secret; mysterious
  1. abstruse
  2. abstract
  3. asquiescent
  4. arcane
Grade 6 Defining Words
Cautiously; secretly
  1. dissimulation
  2. vex
  3. stifled
  4. stealthily
College Anatomy and Physiology
Fibroblasts secrete
  1. fats.
  2. chondroitin sulfate.
  3. interstitial fluids.
  4. calcium phosphate for bone.
  5. proteins for connective fibers.
Continuing Education Navy
Continuing Education Navy
Grade 5 Spelling
The spy has a               file.
  1. top secret
  2. toppsecret
  3. topsecret
  4. top-secret
Grade 3 Subject-Verb Agreement CCSS: CCRA.L.1, L.3.1b
Choose the sentence that is written correctly.
  1. James has secret.
  2. James has a secret.
  3. James has a secrets.
College Respiration, Digestion, and Excretion
Grade 5 Defining Words
accepting or enjoying respect or distinction
  1. honored
  2. secretive
  3. imprinted
  4. bungled
Grade 5 Defining Words
simple; unsophisticated or crude
  1. bungled
  2. interior
  3. secretive
  4. primitive
Grade 12 Vocabulary
  1. logical
  2. civil
  3. divine
  4. secret
Grade 5 Defining Words
Something kept hidden or private
  1. cyberspace
  2. Internet
  3. secret
  4. obsessed
Grade 5 Fill in the Blank Vocabulary
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