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Grade 7 Synonyms
  1. Different
  2. High
  3. Altitude
  4. Change
Grade 5 Vocabulary
  1. a belief used to tell right from wrong
  2. to group or label in an organized way
  3. to be ridiculous
  4. to be very careful about choosing or using something or someone
Grade 9 Cell Structure and Function
Because the cell membrane chooses the materials that can cross through its boundary, it is
  1. selectively porous
  2. selectively permeable
  3. selectively fluid
  4. selectively solid
Grade 9 Evolution
When an environment favors the two extreme types of a population, what is the type of selection occurring?
  1. Disruptive selection
  2. Diversifying selection
  3. Changing selection
  4. Intuitive selection
Grade 9 Evolution
The evolution of large, sweet, and calorie-packed ears of corn is a result of
  1. natural selection
  2. artificial selection
  3. ecological selection
  4. sexual selection
Grade 9 Evolution
Grade 10 Evolution
Grade 11 Evolution
Breeding cats to produce ony white ones is an example of                       .
  1. modification selection
  2. breed selection
  3. natural selection
  4. artificial selection
Grade 7 Evolution
According to Darwin's theory of evolution, how do new species evolve?
  1. artificial selection
  2. by random chance
  3. by natural selection
  4. by unnatural selection
Grade 9 Evolution
The peacock's enormous fan of tail feathers is a result of
  1. sexual selection
  2. ecological selection
  3. stabilizing selection
  4. the wrath of Zeus
Graduate Evolution
As what is evolutionary fitness defined?
  1. Sexual selection
  2. The ability of an organism to survive and reproduce
  3. Directional Selection
  4. Selected for or against
Grade 8 World War I
The                       provided for a system of conscription.
  1. Selective State Act
  2. Selective Men Act
  3. Selective Service Act
College DNA, RNA, and Genetics
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