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Grade 6 Magnetism and Electricity
Grade 7 Defining Words
Grade 7 Defining Words
Which word means "to tell what something means"?
  1. Define
  2. Create
  3. Series
  4. Category
Grade 7 Plurals
Indicate the correct spelling.
  1. searies
  2. seiries
  3. seires
  4. series
Grade 7 Defining Words
Grade 6 Writing Essays CCSS: CCRA.W.4, W.6.4
How is most writing done?
  1. All at once
  2. In a series of stages
Grade 10 Fitness
A series of repetitions?
  1. Repetition
  2. Set
  3. Positive Phase of a lift
  4. Negative Phase of a lift
Grade 8 Magnetism and Electricity
Grade 2 Defining Words CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.2.4
the series of actions in an experiment
  1. data
  2. hypothesis
  3. procedure
  4. results
Grade 2 Defining Words CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.2.4
a series of contests in a particular sport
  1. game
  2. match
  3. play
  4. tournament
Grade 8 Social Studies Words
series of Holy Wars
  1. crusade
  2. culminate
  3. deceptive
  4. decipher
Grade 3 Locomotion CCSS: CCRA.R.5, RL.3.5
This book is told in a series of...
  1. Short stories
  2. Chapters
  3. Poems
  4. Songs
Grade 6 Visual Arts
Shading with a series of dots is called
  1. Hatching
  2. Cross-hatching
  3. Stippling
  4. Smudging
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