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Grade 3 Spelling
Grade 4 Multiplication
Grade 10 Sports
A legal serve is a serve that is                                        
  1. hitting the wall or bleachers first
  2. one that touches the net on the way over
  3. underhand
  4. assisted by a teammate
Grade 11 Volleyball
Players may serve the ball by:
  1. serving overhand
  2. serving underhand
  3. jump serving
  4. all of the above
Grade 9 Biochemical Pathways
What is the function of NADPH?
  1. It serves as a piggyback carrier.
  2. It serves as a glucose carrier.
  3. It serves as an electron carrier.
Grade 10 Badminton
Grade 6 Volleyball

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Grade 9 Meal Planning
According to health authorities, how much protein should we consume each day?
  1. 2-3 servings
  2. 1-2 servings
  3. 3-4 servings
  4. no servings needed
Grade 7 Living a Godly Life
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