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College Health and Medicine
College Health and Medicine
Grade 6 Defining Words
Severe means:
  1. merciful
  2. harsh
  3. congenial
Grade 7 Defining Words
severe; trying
  1. vigor
  2. crucial
  3. cherish
  4. gratify
Grade 4 Prepositions CCSS: CCRA.L.1, L.4.1e
Identify the prepositional phrase:
The city of Damascus is several thousand years old.
  1. the city
  2. of Damascus
  3. is several
  4. several thousand years
Grade 7 Defining Words
Which word means "lucky"?
  1. Active
  2. Severe
  3. Fortunate
  4. Frightened
Grade 5 Defining Words
Crackling or hissing with intense heat.
  1. pressure
  2. sizzling
  3. jagged
  4. severe
Grade 6 Fill in the Blank Vocabulary
Grade 12 The Canterbury Tales
Grade 5 Synonyms

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  1. wise
  2. several
  3. memorable
  4. useless
Grade 4 Adjectives
Grade 6 Defining Words
very great joy:
  1. aspire
  2. coordinated
  3. sever
  4. rapture
Grade 11 Skin, Skeleton, and Muscles
Grade 4 Defining Words
very harsh or serious
  1. severe
  2. collaspe
  3. crisis
  4. substantial
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