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Grade 7 Vocabulary
A single person
  1. individual
  2. honor
  3. apprehensive
  4. concept
  5. resources
Grade 9 Cell Structure and Function
In prokaryotes, most cells have all of the genetic material in which of the following?
  1. a single chromatin
  2. a single chromosome
  3. interphase
  4. mitosis
Grade 9 Root Words
  1. two
  2. single
  3. written
  4. small
Grade 5 Root Words
  1. four
  2. two
  3. one
  4. single
Grade 7 Sports
Grade 6 Development and Reproduction
None Everyday English

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  1. Single
  2. Female
  3. Thomas Benzi
Grade 6 Word Processing
What kind of spacing leaves two (2) blank lines?
  1. Quadruple
  2. Single
  3. Triple
  4. Backspace
Grade 5 Synonyms
Grade 8 Root Words
  1. write
  2. two
  3. self
  4. single
Grade 4 Magnetism and Electricity
A plastic ruler can get a positive charge by:
  1. gaining a single negative charge
  2. losing a single negative charge
  3. gaining a single positive charge
  4. losing a single positive charge
Grade 7 Cell Structure and Function
Reproduction that requires only 1 parent is called:
  1. single
  2. nonsexual
  3. asexual
  4. unsexual
Grade 2 Charlotte's Web
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