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Grade 7 Africa and Middle East
What is the difference between an indentured slave and a slave?
  1. they are the same
  2. women could not be indentured slaves
  3. indentured slaves could work their way to freedom
  4. wages were less for slaves
Grade 4 Civil War
What did the Fugitive Slave Law require?
  1. That all people (even in free states) help to return runaway slaves to their owners.
  2. That slaves who made it to the Northern states were free.
  3. That all slaves could try to get to freedom.
  4. That people in the North did not have to help return runaway slaves to their owners.
Grade 7 Colonial Period
Slave Labor
  1. Forced labor that was mainly used in the southern colonies
  2. Law that said colonies who pay their way to Virginia will receive 50 acres of land for each person they bring
  3. Leader of the Puritans
  4. Document giving colonists permission to settle in a certain area
  5. Document the Pilgrims signed to govern their colony
  6. Laborers who worked for 3 - 7 years in exchange for payment to America
  7. Trade laws the English put in place to control the American colonies
  8. Founded Pennsylvania
Grade 11 Civil War
The freeing of slaves with no payment to the slave owners
  1. emancipation
  2. strike
  3. abolition
  4. gag rule
Grade 5 Civil War
A slave is a person                           
  1. owned by another person
  2. who works on a farm
  3. who cooks for other people
  4. who runs away
Grade 5 Social Studies Words
slave state
  1. regional loyalty
  2. states that allow slavery
  3. states that do not allow slavery
  4. people are the ultimate source of their government, democracy
Grade 4 Social Studies
Grade 5 The People Could Fly CCSS: CCRA.R.4, RL.5.4
In the story, what is an overseer?
  1. A fellow slave
  2. A person watching the slaves
  3. God
  4. Someone who helps slaves
Grade 2 Civil Rights
What was Sojourner Truth?
  1. A slave at first, then an abolitionist
  2. A lawyer and a judge
  3. A slave owner
Grade 4 Civil War
The fugitive slave clause meant:
  1. All slaves were allowed to become fugitives.
  2. The North must return the fugitive slaves they were protecting.
  3. Any fugitive slave would be punished.
  4. Fugitive slaves would be sent back to Africa.
Grade 4 US Laws and Amendments
This Amendment freed the slaves.
  1. 13th Amendment
  2. 14th Amendment
  3. 15th Amendment
Grade 6 Greece
Slaves in Athens were
  1. given the same privileges as Athenian men.
  2. not allowed to be citizens and participate in government.
  3. allowed to be free after they turned 18 years of age.
  4. owned only by children.
Grade 7 Civil War
What were slave codes?
  1. Laws passed to control the slaves
  2. Laws that gave slaves freedom
  3. Laws granting religious freedom to slaves
  4. Laws that gave slaves equal rights
Grade 8 Civil War
Slaves typically worked on/in:                     
  1. Southern Plantations
  2. Northern Plantations
  3. Southern Cotton Farms
  4. Textile Mills
  5. Grocery Stores
Grade 5 Colonial Period
It was illegal to teach slaves to
  1. read and write
  2. read a map
  3. shoe horses
  4. build houses
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