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Grade 1 Rhymes
Grade 6 Defining Words
               a smell
  1. festival
  2. scan
  3. scent
  4. selecting
Grade 5 Respiration, Digestion, and Excretion
Grade 3 Nervous and Endocrine Systems
When you watch a movie, what to senses do you use?
  1. sight and smell
  2. sight and hearing
  3. smell and touch
  4. taste and smell
Grade 6 Defining Words
a bad smell
  1. stench
  2. restore
  3. vicinity
  4. furnish
Grade 3 Adaptations and Behavior
A nice smell is an adaptation that
  1. helps the plant keep water inside the leaves.
  2. pokes animals that try to eat the plant.
  3. attracts pollinators to the plant.
Grade 3 Defining Words
Pleasant to smell or taste
  1. Realize
  2. Magnificent
  3. Savory
  4. Fierce
Grade 5 Defining Words
Having a pleasant smell:
  1. fragrant
  2. heroic
  3. fatigue
  4. sensitive
Grade 3 Adaptations and Behavior
A bad smell is an adaptation that
  1. keeps animals away or attracts pollinators.
  2. pokes animals that try to eat the plant.
  3. makes animals sick or itchy.
Grade 6 Verbs
That skunk SMELLS terrible!
  1. linking verb
  2. helping verb
  3. action verb
  4. adverb
Grade 6 Defining Words
having a pleasant smell
  1. fragrant
  2. repel
  3. furnish
  4. stench
College Culinary Skills
The inability to smell is called
  1. phantosmia.
  2. anorexia.
  3. anosmia.
  4. ageusia.
None Body Part and Clothing Words
Grade 8 Defining Words
smelling of damp or mold
  1. musty
  2. liable
  3. impromptu
  4. superficial
Grade 9 Properties of Matter
Grade 10 Nervous and Endocrine Systems
Taste and smell are considered to be
  1. somatic senses.
  2. chemical senses.
  3. thermal senses.
  4. mechanical senses.
Grade 7 Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions CCSS: CCRA.R.1, RI.7.1
What inference can be made about the sentences below?
The skunk is getting ready to spray. And if it does, you know what that means -- P-U!
  1. The skunk spray smells good.
  2. The skunk spray smells bad.
  3. The skunk doesn't smell like anything.
  4. The skunk spray smells sweet.
College Culinary Skills
What are the two chemosensory senses?
  1. smelling, touching
  2. seeing, hearing
  3. tasting, touching
  4. smelling, tasting
Grade 4 Defining Words
Something is rotten and smells awful.
  1. lurch
  2. primp
  3. putrid
  4. rowdy
  5. jovial
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