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Grade 8 Emotional, Social, and Mental Health
Grade 9 Roman Empire
What were two well-known ways in which a person could advance in Roman society?
  1. education and labor
  2. wealth and property
  3. farming and shipping
  4. none of the above
Grade 7 US Geography
Grade 7 Atmosphere
Which best describes the difference between climate and weather?
  1. Weather is more predictable than climate
  2. Weather is less predictable than climate
  3. Weather and climate are both predictable
  4. Weather and climate are both unpredictable
Grade 5 Reconstruction
                       is the name of the period when the South rejoined the Union.
  1. Bill of Rights Act
  2. Rebellion Slave Revolt
  3. Friendship Reward Act
  4. Reconstruction
Grade 12 Sociology
The organized, usual, or standard ways by which society meets its basic needs
  1. Social Class
  2. Status
  3. Social Institution
  4. Social Structure
Grade 12 Sociology
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