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Grade 3 Defining Words
Echoes means:
  1. loud sounds
  2. repeating sounds
  3. low sounds
  4. scary sounds
Grade 3 Defining Words
Squeak means:
  1. a high sound
  2. a low sound
  3. a funny sound
  4. an annoying sound
Grade 9 Music
The word polyphonic means:
  1. More than one sound
  2. One sound
  3. No sound
Grade 3 Waves and Sound
A high frequency creates                   .
  1. a low-pitch sound
  2. a high-pitch sound
  3. no sound
Grade 7 Waves and Sound
Blowing into an almost empty bottle produces
  1. a high pitch sound
  2. no sound
  3. a low pitch sound
Grade 5 Sentence Structure CCSS: CCRA.L.1, L.5.1c
Grade 5 Energy and Momentum
When you clap your hands together really hard, what two kinds of energy do you create?
  1. Heat and Sound
  2. Light and Sound
  3. Mechanical and Sound
  4. Heat and Mechanical
Grade 7 Sentence Structure
Grade 2 Defining Words
What does grumbled mean?
  1. sounded unhappy
  2. sounded happy
  3. excited
Grade 6 Energy and Momentum
Which describes the energy transformations for a radio?
  1. electrical to sound
  2. sound to chemical to electrical
  3. solar to thermal
  4. electrical to sound to thermal
Grade 11 Waves and Sound
Which one of the following factors determines the pitch of a sound?
  1. the amplitude of the sound wave
  2. the distance of the sound wave from the source
  3. the frequency of the sound wave
  4. the wavelength of the sound wave
Grade 6 Waves and Sound
Continuing Education Music Theory
Continuing Education Music Theory
Grade 6 Energy and Momentum
Which is the correct energy transformation of a lawnmower?
  1. solar to electrical to sound
  2. sound to chemical to electrical
  3. chemical to mechanical to sound
  4. none of the above
Grade 7 Waves and Sound
Waves on any surface of water.
  1. water wave
  2. sound wave
  3. sound
  4. earthquake
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