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Graduate Sociology
Relationships can be conceived as existing in ______ instead of ______.
  1. Phrase Space/Phase Space
  2. Phase Space/Phrase Space
Grade 9 Visual Arts
In a work of art, the space around an object is called
  1. negative space
  2. positive space
  3. full space
  4. contour space
Grade 7 Business
What is the line spacing between the sub-title of a table and the table?
  1. single space
  2. double space
  3. triple space
  4. quadruple space
Grade 7 Business
After the complimentary close in a personal business letter what is the line spacing?
  1. Single space
  2. Double space
  3. Triple space
  4. Quadruple space
Grade 9 Visual Arts
Shape occupies what kind of space?
  1. 3-D space
  2. implied space
  3. controlled space
  4. 2-D space
Grade 10 Visual Arts
Grade 6 Space Exploration
ISS is the abbreviation for which of the following?
  1. Internal Space Station
  2. International Space Station
  3. Inverted Space Station
  4. Industrial Space Service
Grade 9 Visual Arts
Aerial perspective is also known as
  1. atmospheric perspective
  2. one-point perspective
  3. implied perspective
  4. linear perspective
Grade 9 Musical Theater
Grade 10 Visual Arts
Empty space surrounding shapes and forms.
  1. atmosphere
  2. negative space
  3. positive space
  4. stippling
Grade 12 Sculpture
An unfilled area in a three-dimensional work.
  1. Form
  2. Negative Space
  3. Positive Space
  4. Relief
Grade 7 Musical Notation
How many lines and spaces are there on a music staff?
  1. 5 lines/4 spaces
  2. 5 lines/5 spaces
  3. 5 lines/6 spaces
  4. 6 lines/4 spaces
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