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Grade 9 Oceanography and Hydrology
Grade 9 Atmosphere
About how many tropical storms continue to develop to become hurricanes?
  1. almost all of them
  2. around three out of four
  3. around one out of two
  4. less than one out of twenty
Grade 7 Defining Words
  1. evil, seeming to threaten bad luck
  2. to raid
  3. filled with fear
  4. words describing and often supporting an article/novel
  5. show up
Grade 7 Atmosphere
Storm cloud associated with storms
  1. Cyclone
  2. Anti-cyclone
  3. Lightning
  4. Cumulonimbus
  5. Fujita Scale
Grade 1 Geography
What is a Hurricane?
  1. a light storm
  2. a violent storm
  3. an electric storm
Grade 8 Atmosphere
The heavy waves of a hurricane are called this.
  1. wave storms
  2. storm surge
  3. thunderstorms
Grade 5 Oceanography and Hydrology
A storm surge is
  1. a period of heavier rain
  2. a large swell in the ocean by the shore
  3. a sudden increase in electrical power to your home
  4. a crowd of people going to stock up on groceries
Grade 8 Defining Words
stormed the citadel
  1. trench
  2. encampment
  3. barricade
  4. fortress
None English as a Second Language ESL
'A storm in a teacup' is                                        .
  1. misunderstanding
  2. an argument that will soon be forgotten
  3. something you can't understand
  4. a difficult situation
Grade 2 Atmosphere
What is a storm?
  1. an extreme weather condition
  2. a blizzard
  3. heavy rains
  4. lightning and thunder
Grade 8 Oceanography and Hydrology
The force that causes water to move is
  1. storms
  2. gravity
  3. the ocean
  4. deposition
Grade 6 Atmosphere
A violent winter storm with freezing winds
  1. hurricane
  2. thunder storm
  3. blizzard
Grade 3 Atmosphere
Grade 10 Business Technology
Grade 6 Atmosphere
Grade 5 Context Clues
Choose the answer that best connects with the word in ALL CAPS.

The radio ALERTED us to the coming storm. As a result, we
  1. did not expect the storm.
  2. were ready for the storm.
  3. felt relieved about the storm.
  4. did not expect it to be a serious storm.
Grade 4 Defining Words
A                 is a storm with a violent wind.
  1. cyclone
  2. tropical storm
  3. hurricane
  4. thunderstorm
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