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Grade 2 Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatments
What can cause poor posture?
  1. straight back
  2. stand straight and tall
  3. tight shoes
  4. sit up straight
Grade 10 Vocabulary
Rigid, severe, straight:
  1. Ramrod
  2. Ambled
  3. Taciturn
  4. Repertoire was vapid
Grade 10 Daily Living Skills
Grade 12 Cosmetology
What type of hair texture creates a wide silhouette and generally holds a style for a longer period of time?
  1. fine and straight
  2. curly and course
  3. medium and blond
  4. unactivated and straight
Grade 12 Defining Words
Deflected from a straight path
  1. refracted
  2. odious
  3. pratfall
  4. dictum
Grade 10 Points, Lines, and Planes
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