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None Vocabulary
What is the ADJECTIVE of the verb 'succeed'?
  1. successful
  2. successfully
  3. success
None Vocabulary
What is the NOUN of the verb 'succeed'?
  1. successful
  2. successfully
  3. success
None Vocabulary
What is the ADVERB of the verb 'succeed'?
  1. successful
  2. successfully
  3. success
Grade 9 Succession
What process results in the development of a new ecosystem where there was not one before?
  1. secondary succession
  2. primary succession
  3. tertiary succession
  4. first succession
College Succession
                     is when a species colonizes an area with no life.
  1. Colonization
  2. Primary Succession
  3. Secondary Succession
  4. Succession
Grade 9 Succession
Changes that occur in an area that previously had no ecosystem are collectively known as
  1. a disturbance.
  2. pioneering.
  3. primary succession.
  4. secondary succession.
Grade 6 Defining Words
to be successful:
  1. flourish
  2. hearsay
  3. impartial
  4. mar
Grade 9 Communities, Populations, and Ecosystems
Grade 10 Succession
                     is the colonization of bare land with no soil.
  1. Primary succession
  2. Climax community
  3. Secondary succession
  4. Exponential growth
Grade 8 Succession
When an area is burned in a forest fire, plants and animals begin to return to the burned area with
  1. primary succession.
  2. secondary succession.
  3. pioneer species.
  4. climax community.
Grade 8 Succession
Grade 8 Succession
Grade 7 US Laws and Amendments
Presidential Succession
  1. 21st
  2. 22nd
  3. 25th
  4. 27th
Grade 9 Defining Words
to be successful; prosper
  1. flourish
  2. fallacy
  3. embargo
Grade 4 Defining Words
Victory, success
  1. translate
  2. temple
  3. triumph
  4. ancient
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