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Grade 6 Verbs CCSS: CCRA.L.1

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They are not watching television.
  1. habitual or routine action
  2. action that is in progress at time of speaking
Grade 5 Sentence Structure
Identify the subject and verb in the following sentence:

The best shows on television this week were the ads.
  1. shows, were
  2. best shows, on
  3. television, this week
  4. on, television
  5. shows, on television
Grade 4 Spelling
Choose the word that is spelled correctly.
  1. televishon
  2. tellavishon
  3. television
Grade 2 Culture
What is not a form of communication?
  1. computer
  2. rocket
  3. television
  4. telephone
Grade 2 Prefixes and Suffixes
Grade 3 Root Words CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.3.4, L.3.4c
Which word describes sending writing across a distance?
  1. telephone
  2. television
  3. telegraph
  4. telescope
Grade 6 Art and Music Words
Which word is spelled correctly?
  1. telavion
  2. television
  3. televition
  4. televeshen
Grade 2 Prefixes and Suffixes
Grade 3 Phonics
Which word has four syllables?
  1. fantastic
  2. television
  3. photograph
  4. principal
Grade 3 Root Words CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.3.4, L.3.4c
Grade 3 Lab Practices and Tools
Grade 8 Rhetoric and Propaganda
The following are all forms of media EXCEPT:
  1. Television
  2. Newspaper
  3. Facebook
  4. Magazine
Grade 1 Themes
Grade 1 STEM Words CCSS: CCRA.L.5, L.1.5, L.1.5a
Which word DOES NOT belong with the others?
  1. computer
  2. mouse
  3. keyboard
  4. television
Grade 2 Prefixes and Suffixes
Grade 9 Twentieth Century and Modern - 1900-2000
Which form of media did Crosby not succeed in?
  1. Movies
  2. Radio
  3. CD's
  4. Television
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