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None Defining Words
The term "annihilated" means:
  1. promote to higher status.
  2. reduce to ruins.
  3. protect from dangers.
  4. strip someone of their title.
Grade 2 Spelling
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. turm
  2. tirm
  3. term
  4. terme
Grade 3 The Presidents
George Washington served as President of the United States for
  1. one term
  2. two terms
  3. three terms
  4. four terms
Continuing Education Sentence Structure
Grade 7 Algebraic Expressions
What is a term without a variable?
  1. like term
  2. constant
  3. coefficient
  4. term
Grade 7 Algebraic Expressions
Grade 9 Algebraic Expressions CCSS: HSA-SSE.A.1, HSA-SSE.A.1a
Grade 9 Algebraic Expressions
The following is an example of
[math]3m^2 - 8 m + 2[/math]
  1. like terms.
  2. a coefficient.
  3. a term.
  4. an expression.
Grade 4 Arithmetic and Number Concepts
  1. a number in a counting sequence
  2. any number
  3. a negative number
  4. skip counting
Grade 8 United States (Local)
Which of the following is true about the Governor?
  1. 2 year term, can serve consecutive terms
  2. 4 year term, can not serve consecutive terms
  3. 4 year term, can serve consecutive terms
  4. 2 year term, can not serve consecutive terms
Grade 6 Exponents
What are numbers expressed using exponents?
  1. Term
  2. Equivalent Expression
  3. Like Terms
  4. Powers
Grade 7 Themes of Geography
Grade 6 Algebraic Expressions
What do we call a symbol used to represent a number?
  1. Term
  2. Coefficient
  3. Constant
  4. Variable
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