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Grade 11 Defining Words
Deliberate means:
  1. to think over slowly
  2. to think over quickly
  3. to think over deeply
  4. to think over uselessly
College Education Theory
Asking you to explain, discuss, analyze, and critique are all examples of
  1. middle level thinking questions
  2. lower level thinking questions
  3. no level thinking questions
  4. higher level thinking questions
Grade 10 The Tragedy of Julius Caesar
When Cassius says that Caesar has grown prodigious, what is his opinion of Caesar?
  1. He thinks Caesar is cruel.
  2. He thinks Caesar is powerful.
  3. He thinks Caesar is artistic.
  4. He thinks Caesar is weak.
Grade 1 Subject-Verb Agreement CCSS: CCRA.L.1, L.1.1, L.1.1d
Choose the sentence that is written correctly.
  1. I thinks it will be a nice day.
  2. He thinks it will be a nice day.
  3. We thinks it will be a nice day.
Grade 5 Point of View CCSS: CCRA.R.6, RL.5.6

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What does the speaker think of spring?
  1. He thinks spring is busy.
  2. He thinks spring is beautiful.
  3. He thinks spring is boring.
  4. He thinks spring is dangerous.
Grade 3 Defining Words
Thinking about your thinking is
  1. schema.
  2. predicting.
  3. metacognition.
  4. questioning.
Grade 8 Defining Words
If someone says you are repulsive to them,that means:
  1. they think you are really cool
  2. they think you are presumptuous
  3. they are obsessed with you
  4. they think you are disgusting
Grade 8 Defining Words
The word "dogmatic" means                                 .
  1. you think you are always right
  2. you think you are always wrong
  3. you think others are always right
  4. you think others are always wrong
Grade 2 Synonyms
Which sentence has the same meaning as the one below?

My sister thinks that bats are weird.
  1. My sister thinks that bats are cool.
  2. My sister thinks that bats are strange.
  3. My sister thinks that bats are interesting.
  4. My sister thinks that bats are fun.
Grade 12 Study Skills and Strategies
Analyzing arguments, assessing assumptions, and considering claims occur in which part of critical thinking?
  1. Thinking about your thinking
  2. Problem Solving
  3. Decision Making
  4. Reasoning
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