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Grade 6 Legend by Marie Lu
Who is Thomas?
  1. June's boyfriend
  2. Day's brother
  3. Metias's best friend
  4. The Commander of the Republic
Grade 8 Renaissance and Reformation
Grade 8 French Revolution
Grade 9 The White
Who got scalped in Marys family?
  1. father, Thomas
  2. mother, father
  3. mother, father, Thomas
  4. mother, Thomas
Grade 10 The Maze Runner
Who tried to kill Thomas?
  1. Jedikiah
  2. Alby
  3. Tyler
  4. Ben
Grade 8 The Maze Runner
Thomas realizes he wants to be a
  1. Runner
  2. Slopper
  3. Bagger
  4. Slicer
Grade 10 The Maze Runner
Who is the enemy of Thomas?
  1. Chuck
  2. Alby
  3. Newt
  4. Gally
Grade 9 Enlightenment
Thomas Hobbes philosophy is known as                
  1. Head of State
  2. Natural Rights
  3. State of Nature
  4. Stament of One
Grade 11 The Crucible
Grade 9 Evolution
The economist Thomas Malthus suggested that
  1. people die faster than babies are born.
  2. there would soon be insufficient food for the growing human population.
  3. in the 1700s, England needed more housing.
  4. the majority of a species’ offspring die.
Grade 8 Formation of the USA
Grade 3 Early National Era
Thomas Jefferson is best known for:
  1. his work as a lawyer
  2. ending slavery
  3. writing the Declaration of Independence
  4. his many talents
Grade 4 The Presidents
Grade 9 Enlightenment
Thomas Hobbes wrote                                        
  1. an Essay Concerning Human Understanding
  2. The Bible
  3. The Tabula Rasa
  4. The Leviathan
Grade 2 English as a Second Language ESL
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