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Grade 3 Economics
Buying and selling between states is
  1. international trade
  2. interstate trade
  3. trade
  4. supply
Grade 12 Economics
A trade-off is
  1. the extra cost of adding one unit.
  2. the alternatives we give up when we choose one action over another.
  3. a process in which you compare what you will give up and gain from an action.
  4. the money a person makes.
Grade 12 Economics
A trade-off is:
  1. The extra cost of adding one unit
  2. The alternatives we give up when we choose one action over another
  3. A process in which you compare what you will give up and gain from an action
  4. The money a person makes
Grade 7 Defining Words
a trade or profession
  1. vindictive
  2. vocation
  3. wary
  4. wince
Grade 10 Business Technology
A trade off is :
  1. selling something
  2. the alternative given up
  3. the benefit gained from the use of a product
  4. the value of the next best alternative
Grade 7 Japan
In 1853 the Japanese were forced to open trade privileges by
  1. the United Kingdom
  2. the United States
  3. China
  4. Portugal
Grade 7 Latin America and Caribbean
Grade 8 The Frontier
John Jacob Astor wanted to find an overland supply route for establishing
  1. trades with the Blackfoot
  2. a fur trading post
  3. a military fort
  4. his own trade store
Grade 11 Industrialization
What is a trade union?
  1. union limited to people with a specific skill
  2. union that united all craft workers and common laborers
  3. union in which people were skilled and unskilled workers
Grade 10 Medieval Europe
The revival of trade led to
  1. the revival of cities & towns
  2. foreign invasion
  3. spread of diseases
  4. freedom oserfs
Grade 2 Culture
What is a trade route?
  1. Road you drive on.
  2. The way goods travel from one place to another.
  3. Human resource
College Accounting
Trade accounts receivable:
  1. arise from the sale of a company's products or services
  2. are reported in the non current asset section of the balance sheet.
  3. include deposits with utilities
  4. generally comprise the minority of the total receivables balance.
Grade 5 Defining Words
A person who trades.
  1. tradesman
  2. traitor
  3. traded
  4. trader
Grade 10 Business
A trade surplus is when there
  1. are more imports than exports.
  2. are more exports than imports.
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