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Grade 3 Prefixes and Suffixes
Which word means a sporting event that includes three events?
  1. volleyball
  2. marathon
  3. triathlon
  4. bicentennial
Grade 3 Root Words CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.3.4
  1. four
  2. self
  3. three
  4. earth
Grade 1 Fill in the Blank Vocabulary
Kindergarten Prefixes and Suffixes CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.K.4, L.K.4b
Grade 2 Sight Words
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. trie
  2. tri
  3. try
  4. triie
Grade 3 Frequently Misspelled Words CCSS: RF.3.3d
Which word is spelled correctly?
  1. tryed
  2. tried
  3. tryied
  4. trayd
None Tenses

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she / try
  1. She not go to try.
  2. She's not going to try.
  3. She not trying.
Grade 6 Defining Words
to try hard:
  1. illusion
  2. incentive
  3. strive
  4. venomous
Grade 7 Defining Words
severe; trying
  1. vigor
  2. crucial
  3. cherish
  4. gratify
Grade 5 Commas CCSS: CCRA.L.2, L.5.2, L.5.2c
Which choice shows the best place to insert a comma in the sentence below?

Well I will have to try it.
  1. Well, I will have to try it.
  2. Well I, will have to try it.
  3. Well I will, have to try it.
  4. Well I will have to, try it.
Grade 2 Frequently Misspelled Words
Grade 11 English as a Second Language ESL
Grade 8 Defining Words
If you are soliciting something, you are:
  1. trying to trick someone
  2. trying to steal something
  3. trying to get something by asking
  4. trying to return something
Grade 4 Defining Words
To attempt is to
  1. fail.
  2. try.
  3. win.
  4. argue.
Grade 1 Sight Words
Kindergarten Listening and Speaking Skills
Find the word:
  1. about
  2. all
  3. try
  4. why
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