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Grade 3 Children's Literature
What word was the Once-ler left with?
  1. Adios
  2. Greed
  3. Unless
  4. Forever
Continuing Education Kitchen Equipment and Tools
An appliance should not be placed in water unless it is labeled                                   .
  1. with an UL symbol.
  2. with an American seal of approval.
  3. made in America tag.
  4. "immersible"
  5. free coupon for purchase tag.
Grade 3 Forces and Motion
An object in motion will stay in motion unless what happens?
  1. it will always stop
  2. it becomes frozen
  3. a force acts on it
Grade 11 Personal Finance

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A minor cannot open a checking account unless:
  1. they invest $50.00.
  2. they have a direct deposit paycheck.
  3. a parent is on the account.
  4. they have a driver's license.
Grade 12 Phrases and Clauses
Unless the mail comes before noon, Sarah will miss the deadline.

"Unless the mail comes before noon" is an example of:
  1. participal phrase
  2. misplaced modifier
  3. adverbial phrase
  4. appositive phrase
  5. adverbial clause
Grade 7 Capitalization and Punctuation
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