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Grade 6 Social Studies Words
Grade 12 Japan
Grade 4 Asian Geography
Grade 11 Other Asia
The 38th parallel divided what country?
  1. Japan
  2. Vietnam
  3. Korea
  4. China
Grade 9 Modern Era
Continuing Education Cold War
Why did the US fight in Vietnam?
  1. To stop the spread of Buddhism.
  2. To stop the spread of Communism.
  3. To help North Vietnam.
  4. To help China.
Grade 7 Modern Era
Grade 10 Asian Geography
Which three Southeast Asian countries were ruled by the French?
  1. Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia
  2. Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia
  3. Thailand, Laos, Cambodia
  4. Thailand, Myanmar, Laos
Grade 8 Modern Era
What are the dots on the Vietnam Wall panels for?
  1. it is the 5th line
  2. it is the 20th line
  3. it is the 15th line
  4. it means it is the 10th line
  5. they mean nothing
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