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Grade 5 Plurals
What is the plural form of "volcano"?
  1. volcanos
  2. volcanoes
  3. volcanose
  4. volcano
Grade 7 Volcanoes
How many volcanoes make up the Ring of Fire?
  1. 1,000 volcanoes
  2. 268 volcanoes
  3. 832 volcanoes
  4. 452 volcanoes
Grade 6 Volcanoes
Which of the following is not a type of volcano that forms mountains?
  1. shield volcano
  2. composite volcano
  3. fissure volcano
  4. cinder cone volcano
Grade 9 Volcanoes
How many volcanoes make up the Pacific Ring of Fire?
  1. 1000 volcanoes
  2. 268 volcanoes
  3. 832 volcanoes
  4. 452 volcanoes
Grade 7 STEM Words
Indicate the correct spelling.
  1. volcanoe
  2. volcano
  3. volkano
  4. volcanoo
Grade 5 Plurals
Active                 can be deadly.
  1. valcanoes
  2. volcanos
  3. volcaynoes
  4. volcanoes
Grade 9 Volcanoes
Mt. Kilauea in Hawaii would be classified as which type of volcano?
  1. shield volcano
  2. cinder cone
  3. composite volcano
  4. super volcano
Grade 6 Volcanoes
What is a dormant volcano?
  1. a volcano that is not active
  2. a volcano that is active
  3. a volcano that has not erupted in along time, but can
  4. a volcano that is made of lava
Grade 3 Volcanoes
A volcano is
  1. a lowland area between higher areas such as mountains.
  2. a place on Earth's surface where the land is much higher than the surrounding land.
  3. an opening in Earth's surface from which lava flows.
  4. a deep valley with every steep sides.
Grade 4 Volcanoes
Grade 6 Volcanoes
This large volcano seems to be layered, signifying that different types of lava flows have occurred in the past, but the volcano is presently inactive.
  1. Active Shield Volcano
  2. Extinct Shield Volcano
  3. Active Cinder Cone Volcano
  4. Dormant Composite Cone Volcano
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