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Grade 10 Defining Words
Having wealth or success
  1. prosperity
  2. superficial
  3. florid
  4. frugal
Grade 12 Enlightenment
Who wrote "Wealth of Nations"?
  1. Karl Marx
  2. Adam Smith
  3. John Locke
  4. Alexander Hamilton
Grade 4 Defining Words
Wealth and resources of a country or region
  1. tundra
  2. economy
  3. relatively
  4. preserve
Grade 10 Enlightenment
Who wrote "The Wealth of Nations"?
  1. Voltaire
  2. Rousseau
  3. Adam Smith
  4. David Hume
None Geography
Grade 8 US Government
Grade 6 Creation and the Fall of Man
Grade 3 Defining Words
money, jewels, or other things that are valuable
  1. reward
  2. possess
  3. treasure
  4. wealth
Grade 12 Main Idea CCSS: CCRA.R.2, RI.11-12.2

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What is the author largely talking about?
  1. Art
  2. Commerce
  3. Politics
  4. Wealth
Grade 3 Defining Words
needs to be done, is required
  1. necessary
  2. possess
  3. obsess
  4. wealth
College Personal Finance
Sales tax and excise tax are both taxes on:
  1. Consumption
  2. Income
  3. Property
  4. Wealth
Grade 8 Defining Words
A synonym for affluence:
  1. poverty
  2. kindness
  3. wealth
  4. proximity
Grade 7 Little Women
Grade 6 Teachings of the Bible
Grade 3 Defining Words
great amount of money or valuable things
  1. reward
  2. treasure
  3. wealth
  4. obsess
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