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Grade 4 Defining Words
A weapon for shooting arrows
  1. crept
  2. battle
  3. sling
  4. bows
Grade 8 WWI
Grade 11 Fallen Angels
A "punji stick" is a Vietnamese weapon that is:
  1. a sharp stick in the tall grass with human or animal sh@! on it so the victim will be infected.
  2. A gun with a bayonette on it.
  3. similar to a machete.
  4. A small needle that is injected at close contact.
Grade 9 Hinduism
Shiva carries what weapon?
  1. sword
  2. whip
  3. lance
  4. trident
Grade 12 Prenatal and Child Care
Grade 8 The Maze Runner
Grade 7 A Wrinkle in Time
Which of the following is NOT used as a weapon against IT?
  1. The Declaration of Independence
  2. Love
  3. The Periodic Table
  4. Nuclear power
Continuing Education Navy
Grade 6 Ancient History

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Grade 7 Egypt
What was papyrus used for in Ancient Egypt?
  1. to cook with
  2. to make paper
  3. weapons
  4. to build with
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