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Grade 10 Culinary Skills
None Kitchen Safety and Sanitation
Grade 11 Journalism
The name of a writer of a story
  1. writer
  2. byline
  3. copy
  4. caption
Grade 11 Poetry

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In the poem "In Flanders Fields" who does the word "our" refer to?
  1. the dead
  2. the writers
  3. the children
  4. the leaders
Grade 2 Musical Terms
A person who writes music is called a:
  1. writer
  2. decomposer
  3. poet
  4. composer
Grade 6 European History
Grade 6 European History
Grade 3 Identifying Genre
Who are the people or animals in the play?
  1. the writers
  2. characters
  3. scenes
  4. the audience
Grade 7 Modern Europe
What was the effect of the two world wars on 20th-century literature?
  1. Writers reflected the sense that life was unpredictable.
  2. Writers criticized the traditional roles of husbands and wives.
  3. Writers explored the rights of the individual.
  4. Writers such as Goethe emphasized emotion and nature.
Grade 7 Character Study
In direct characterization
  1. the writer describes the character.
  2. the writer reveals the character through STEAL.
  3. the writer doesn't care how you learn about the character.
Grade 9 Movies and TV
What was Walt's first job?
  1. An artist
  2. An ambulance driver
  3. A writer
  4. A teacher
Grade 9 Writing Essays
All of the following are useful skills for writing an expository essay, except:
  1. the writer provides supporting details.
  2. the writer includes engaging dialogue between characters.
  3. the writer organizes the body of the text.
  4. the writer states the main idea clearly.
Grade 9 The White
Who was the writer of the White?
  1. Mary Jemison
  2. Mary Rowlendson
  3. Debrah Larsen
  4. James Seaver
Grade 2 Problem and Solution CCSS: CCRA.R.8, RI.2.8

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What was the writer's problem?
  1. The Strawberry Chews were actually hard lemon-flavored candies.
  2. The box of candies was empty.
  3. The company refused to send her a new box of candy.
  4. The company promised chewy and berry flavored candy.
Kindergarten Supporting Details
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