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Grade 1 Spelling
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. rong
  2. wronge
  3. ronge
  4. wrong
Grade 3 Prefixes and Suffixes
Grade 2 Defining Words
not false or wrong
  1. weight
  2. true
  3. amazing
Grade 11 Vocabulary
to prove wrong
  1. squander
  2. exult
  3. abridge
  4. debunk
Grade 2 Defining Words
What does the word accurate mean?
  1. close
  2. wrong
  3. exact
  4. impartial
Grade 4 Prefixes and Suffixes
  1. judge wrongly
  2. judge correctly
Grade 6 Map Components
Grade 8 Civil War
Who stated, "If slavery is not wrong, then nothing is wrong."
  1. Thomas Jefferson
  2. Daniel Webster
  3. John Quincy Adams
  4. Abraham Lincoln
Grade 1 Synonyms
  1. good
  2. ugly
  3. wrong
Grade 6 Prefixes
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