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Mr. Popper's Penguins: Chapters 11-12 (Grade 3)

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Mr. Popper's Penguins: Chapters 11-12


Read Chapters 11 and 12 of Mr. Popper's Penguins and answer the questions.

How did Captain Cook feel about Greta?
  1. He thought she was mean.
  2. He disliked the sounds she made.
  3. He was very happy she had come.
  4. He wanted even more penguins to visit.
What did Mr. Popper do so he could tell the penguins apart?
  1. listened to how they talked
  2. put them in separate freezers
  3. painted their names on their backs
  4. looked to see which one was a girl
Mrs. Popper wanted her icebox back. What was Mr. Popper's solution?
  1. He would buy another icebox.
  2. He would put the penguins outside.
  3. He would keep the penguins inside and open the windows.
  4. He would ask Admiral Drake to send him a pile of snow from the South Pole.
One night there was a blizzard. What happened?
  1. The penguins disappeared.
  2. Snow came in the windows.
  3. The pipes froze in the house.
  4. The Poppers were snowed in.
What problem did Mrs. Popper have at the end of Chapter 11?
  1. She was starting to freeze.
  2. The house was very untidy.
  3. The electric bill was very high.
  4. There was no more food for the penguins.
Where did Mr. Popper make a new home for the penguins?
  1. outside
  2. in the freezer
  3. in the basement
  4. in the children's bedroom
What was the problem with building a new place for the penguins to live?
  1. It was cold.
  2. It was expensive.
  3. They didn't like it.
  4. They didn't have enough room.
How many eggs did Greta lay?
  1. 2
  2. 3
  3. 10
  4. 15
What kind of fish did the penguins eat?
  1. trout
  2. salmon
  3. scraps from the grocery store
  4. fish that had to be specially ordered
What did Mr. Popper begin to worry about?
  1. how he could afford the penguins
  2. how they would handle even more penguins
  3. having to leave the penguins while he worked
  4. whether the penguins were good for the children

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