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Mr. Popper's Penguins: Chapters 15-16 (Grade 3)

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Mr. Popper's Penguins: Chapters 15-16


Read Chapters 15 and 16 of Mr. Popper's Penguins and answer the questions.

What was the problem at the beginning of Chapter 15?
  1. The penguins wouldn't listen.
  2. Mr. Popper needed a lot of money.
  3. One of the performers didn't show up.
  4. Mrs. Popper forget the song she was supposed to play.
What did Mrs. Popper wear when she played?
  1. shoes
  2. gloves
  3. a fancy dress
  4. a warm overcoat
During the second part of the act, the penguins
  1. marched in a line.
  2. pretended to fight.
  3. slid on their bellies.
  4. sang a special song.
What did the manager give the penguins after the show? (Choose all that apply)
  1. fish
  2. a contract
  3. ice cream cones
  4. little American flags
How many weeks were the penguins asked to perform?
  1. 0
  2. 2
  3. 5
  4. 10
Why did the taxis get in an accident?
  1. The roads were icy.
  2. They weren't paying attention.
  3. They were racing to get to the station first.
  4. They were distracted by all of the penguins.
On the train, the penguins
  1. wanted to climb the ladders.
  2. slept the entire ride to Seattle.
  3. started to become overheated.
  4. frightened all of the passengers.
During the tightrope act, the penguins
  1. made too much noise.
  2. tried to walk the tightrope.
  3. wandered onto the stage.
  4. refused to perform anymore.

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