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Exterior Door Terminology Test (Continuing Education)

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Exterior Door Terminology Test

Instructions: Test your knowledge of exterior door terminology.

Exterior doors in private residences are generally required to swing inwards. In doors designed for public space they may be required to swing                       .
This term is used to identify the horizontal members of the door.
  1. Rails
  2. Stiles
  3. Muntins
  4. Frame
When referring to exterior doors, what does the term sidelight describe?
  1. A light in the door
  2. Window in the door
  3. Window on top of the door
  4. Window on side of the door
An exterior door frame consists of two side jambs and a                jamb
What is the term used to describe the perimeter of the door that holds to the door slab or sash?
  1. Support
  2. Muntins
  3. Sash
  4. Frame
Sometimes a door assembly can include a "transom". What is it?
  1. Window above the door
  2. Window beside the door
  3. Window in the top of the door
  4. Window to the left of the door
The middle rail of a door is called the                 rail.
  1. lock
  2. center
  3. door
  4. support
The term mullion refers to the vertical members generally separating the different panels of the door.
  1. True
  2. False
The bottom rail is generally the                                            of all the rails on the door.
An exterior door that has a smooth flat service of a wood veneer, aluminum, or vinyl is referred to as what type of door?
  1. Raised panel door
  2. Flush door
  3. Exterior door
  4. Panel door
What term is given to the horizontal and vertical members which separate the lights on exterior doors?
  1. Stile
  2. Clamp
  3. Bar
  4. Rails
This term is used to identify the outside vertical members of the door.
  1. Frame
  2. Sash
  3. Stiles
  4. Rails
Exterior doors that have architectural designs, and show depth with raised panels are generally referred to as what type of doors?
  1. Slab door
  2. Flush door
  3. Panel door
  4. Architectural door
What is the correct term for the lowest horizontal member of an exterior door frame?
  1. Transition
  2. Threshold
  3. Bottom chord
  4. Sill
The door frame consists of a                 which is rabbeted and acts as a door stop. The                 can also be square and the door stop can be installed after.
  1. Jamb
  2. Frame
  3. Casing
  4. Sill
The molding on the inside edge of the stiles, and rails is referred to as what?
  1. Corner mould
  2. Chair rail
  3. Sticking
  4. Dentil moulding
This type of door generally has a light that takes up the majority space of the door and generally paired to function as a double door opening.
  1. Dutch doors
  2. Entrance doors
  3. Bi fold doors
  4. French doors
For an exterior door to be considered "accessible," the minimum size of the door is 36".
  1. True
  2. False
Why would there be a double rabbet in an exterior door jamb?

What is the term used to identify the vertical member of an exterior door that is rabbeted on both sides? It is designed to cover the joint in a double door application.
  1. Weather stripping
  2. Astragal
  3. Moulding
  4. Stile
Describe why weather stripping is used in exterior doors.

When installing an exterior door, polyurethane foam (expanding foam) is sometimes used around the door frame to ensure an airtight seal. Why must you be careful as to how much foam you are using around the door frame?
  1. Challenging to remove the access foam
  2. Can cause the frame to warp and distort
  3. It expands slowly
  4. It is not the right product to use on the door
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