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The Aztecs (Grade 8)

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The Aztecs

What was the name of the Aztec capital city?
  1. Texcoco
  2. Tlacopan
  3. Purepecha
  4. Tenochtitlan
The ruins of Tenochtitlan are located under modern                                            .
What was the Aztec Triple Alliance?

Describe the relationship between conquered cities and the Triple Alliance.

What is the name of the Aztec's patron god?
  1. Tlaloc
  2. Quetzalcoatl
  3. Huitzilopochtli
  4. Xipe Totec
What was the purpose of the ritualized "Flower Wars"?

                                        was the Aztec Emperor at the time of the Spanish Conquest.
What was the name of the raised beds the Aztecs used in order to farm in Lake Texcoco?
  1. Terrace
  2. Xantico
  3. Jhum
  4. Chinampas
Conquistadors destroyed much of the Aztec cultural patrimony including buildings, monuments, and texts. Much of what we know about life in the Aztec Empire comes from the research of what man?
  1. Hernando Cortés
  2. Bernardino de SahagĂșn
  3. Pedro de Alvarado
  4. Marcos de Niza

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