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Concrete Flatwork Test (Continuing Education)

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Concrete Flatwork Test

What characteristics does a slab on grade foundation have?

Concrete flatwork refers to...
  1. walls, columns and beams
  2. walkways only
  3. slabs, walkways and driveways
  4. multi unit high rise forming
Footings of a foundation wall are considered flatwork. How wide are the footings in comparison to the foundation wall?
  1. twice the wall thickness
  2. same as the wall thickness
  3. three times the wall thickness
  4. does not matter how thick they are
When a footing is poured separately from a foundation wall, what is added to the footing while it is still wet? It is added to prevent lateral movement from the foundation wall?
  1. blocking
  2. keyway
  3. concrete primer
  4. bonding agent
What is it called when a footing is poured directly into the soil with no footing?
  1. Free pour
  2. Rough pour
  3. Trench pour
  4. Easy pour
What are driven into the ground and used to hold flat work forms and footings in place?
  1. nails
  2. level
  3. metal
  4. stakes
What does the term step footing refer too?
  1. 2 footings nailed together
  2. Footing used on sloped land
  3. A footing that has a jog in it
  4. Concrete step footing
When must be done when building the forms for a concrete driveway?
  1. Make sure the footings don't bend or warp
  2. Use 2x10 lumber
  3. No forms are required for a concrete driveway
  4. Ensure it has a slope to shed water
When constructing a slab on grade, the top of the finished slab must be no less that                 inches above the finished grade.
  1. 4
  2. 6
  3. 8
  4. 10
When constructing a slab on grade, what is placed below the slab to ensure there is adequate support and drainage?
  1. Rocks
  2. Gravel
  3. Asphalt
  4. Top soil
When pouring a basement slab, what is required to be installed between the layer of gravel and the concrete? It prevents the moisture from the soil interfering with the final curing of the concrete.
  1. Vapor barrier
  2. Spray foam
  3. Form oil
  4. Additives
When pouring a concrete slab on grade at the same time as the footing, it is referred to as a                 slab.
  1. Single
  2. Monolithic
  3. Full
  4. One time
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